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Dr. Pepper is about to pay up big time.

We’ve all heard the horror stories about people finding disgusting things in their food, but this story is almost unbelievable. A man in Katy, Texas claims to have discovered a small rodent in his three-year-old grandson’s Dr. Pepper.

“The 20-ounce drink in question contained a small, mouse-sized animal, about three inches long, with small ears and beady eyes,” Mashable reports.

The toddler, named Kayden, was only able to drink about 10 ounces of the large drink before his grandfather secured the cap and took the soda home with them. Upon reopening the bottle, the stomach-turning discovery was made.

The family has now contacted the CDC and Dr. Pepper headquarters. Kayden’s grandfather, John Graves, spoke to KPRC 2 in Houston: “I want to get the rat tested to see where it came from, how it got there, if there is any medical concerns we should be concerned about.”

Kayden has seen a pediatrician and gotten blood samples drawn as a precaution to ensure he has not contracted any diseases. Dr. Pepper has released a statement on the matter, reading in part:

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety and well-being of our consumers. We take all consumer complaints very seriously, are very concerned about the call we received today from Mr. Graves and are investigating it as best as we can.

“What we know from our experience is that given the controls and safeguards we have in our production facilities it is virtually impossible for any foreign object to enter any container during the bottling process. All of our containers enter our facility on pallets in our warehouse and remain covered until the moment they are placed on our high-speed filling lines. Once on the filling lines, they are inverted and rinsed out before they are filled and capped.

“We have offered to dispatch a courier to pick up the product to take it out for testing by a third party forensics laboratory, but the consumer has declined this request.”

Reason #188392424 why we should all stop drinking soda.

SOURCE: KPRC 2, Mashable | PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter | VIDEO SOURCE: Inform

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