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The very key to survival in life is allowing the Spirit of God to work, from the inside out. We have enough folk going around well dressed on the outside, but not looking too good on the inside. We need the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit to fill us from the inside out. When God is working from the inside out, there’s something that causes us to want to follow him. We want to be around him, we desire more of him. We might not be able to explain it, we might not even recognize it for what it is, but we just know that something on the inside is moving on the outside.

Jesus told Peter, thou art the rock, and upon this rock I will build my church. Further study of rock, helps us understand the gender inference in the Greek of the word rock. Peter or Petros which means a fragment of stone chipped from the rock-face; the second word is Petra– the rock itself.

After his connection with Jesus, Simon became Peter which became Petros or fragment of stone chipped from the rock face or whole stone itself. In other words, from the inside out, Peter comes to have rock like character. He begins to grow into the likeness of Christ. He has some flaws, he has some hang-ups.

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