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Mike Pence speaks during Donald Trump introduction Governor...

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Temps run in the 90s in Indy as temps run high at the Republican National Convention…

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Drink plenty of water, take breaks if you’re working in the heat, and keep an eye on your elderly, your kids and your pets.  That’s the advice heading into this weekend’s extreme heat that actually gets underway today. Forecasters say temperatures will be in the 90s, but the heat index could hit 109 on Friday and Saturday. The city and state are readying a number of cooling centers for those without air-conditioning.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence has formally accepted the nomination for vice president self-describing on the national stage. “I’m a Christian, a conservative and a Republican, in that order,” Pence told the crowd Wednesday night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. Pence then went on to deliver the speech Donald Trump supporters wanted to hear. That’s a couple of speeches after Ted Cruz left the stage being booed after he did not endorse Trump in his address to the delegates before the national audience. Pence called Clinton and the Democratic party “stale” and “predictable.” He asked the party to resolve that she would never become president of this nation.

If you choose, you can now show your support for Indianapolis police wherever you go. The IMPD is launching a #BackTheBlue shop. The department is selling shirts, coffee cups, and stickers for your car.  All of the proceeds will go toward needs for the officers including programs and equipment.

Indianapolis could apparently learn something from Oakland, Chicago, and New York City. A new Wallethub survey ranks all three cities as less stressed than Indy. Indianapolis ranks 21st on the list. New York City is 63rd. Indy gets low marks for family stress and safety stress. Detroit is the most stressful city according to the survey.


Republican National Convention

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Donald Trump doesn’t appear that bothered that Ted Cruz told voters to vote their conscience during his speech at the Republican National Convention. On Twitter, the Republican nominee called it “no big deal” and noted that Cruz ended up getting “booed off stage.” He also accused Cruz of not honoring a pledge that all the GOP candidates signed vowing that they’d support the eventual nominee. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie also blasted Cruz for not keeping that vow.

Hundreds of African-American police officers from across the country have wrapped up a conference in DC after making new commitments to help their communities. The gathering was sponsored by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Officers also known as NOBLE. They wrapped up activities Wednesday at Howard University but not before reflecting on recent police-involved tragedies. One attendee said they don’t have specific answers but are getting guidance and new initiatives from the 21st Century Policing Report from the White House. NOBLE held their convention last summer right here in downtown Indy at the JW Marriott, and featured Attorney General Lorretta Lynch.

Speaking of police-involved tragedies… A Florida behavioral therapist is recovering in the hospital after a police officer shot him while he was trying to calm down his autistic patient. The victim is Charles Kinsey. Kinsey says he had his hands up and was telling North Miami Police officers that the patient was holding a toy truck and that he’d run away from a group home. Video of the incident reveals Kinsey telling the patient to be still and to lie down. He says that’s what he was doing when he felt something like a mosquito bite in his leg.  When he realized what happened he asked the officer who pulled the trigger, “Sir, why did you shoot me?”  Kinsey says the officer answered, “I don’t know.”  Florida’s State Attorney’s office is investigating.  See the video for yourself below:

Catch my “Access Indy with Kim Wells” exclusive interview on “how geography plays a role in how blacks are policed–allowing racism and more”. Listen by clicking HERE.

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