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Playing Pokemon Go In Boston

Source: Boston Globe / Getty

By now you have probably already heard all about Pokémon Go.  Maybe you even have the popular ap downloaded to your smartphone.  A church in Texas has extended a warm welcome to visitors who wish to play Pokémon Go in it’s hallways.

If you aren’t sure what this craze is, the main objective is to visit real life places in order to catch all the Pokémon.  The ap was released earlier this month (July), and it has taken the world by storm.  Poké stops have been found at many landmarks, businesses, and yes, even churches.

The Christ United Methodist Church in Plano, Texas has found out they have a Poké stop inside their church.  After the church realized the Pokémon Go craze was real, they decided to advertise that outsiders are welcome to come in and visit their Poké stop.  It’s actually working, people really are coming into the church to play the game.  Associate Pastor Chad McSwain told an NBC affiliate, “There are people all over campus.”

The CUMC hopes that their visitors will see what the church has to offer, and come back to attend services.  Check out more on the story here.