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Ibtihaj Muhammad USA Fencer

Ibtihaj Muhammad, Sabre Fencer, Team USA | Source: Sean M. Haffey – Staff Getty Images Sport / Getty

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Ibtihaj Muhammad USA Fencer

Source: Patrick Smith Staff Getty Images Sport 587177904 / Getty

The New Jersey native who became the first U.S. athlete to wear a hijab during the Olympics, won’t be moving forward in the women’s sabre tournament. Fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad was eliminated in her second bout on Monday, losing to French fencer Cecilia Berder 15 to 12. She told reporters after her individual elimination that she’s happy with what she’s accomplished, “I feel very proud to say that I’m a member of the United States Olympic team and I hope that I represented, not just my country, but my community well.”

Lives to Rattle Her Sabre Another Day:

The loss isn’t the last you’ll see of Muhammad in this year’s Olympic games. She will compete on Saturday in the women’s team sabre competition.  

Ibtihaj Muhammad USA Fencer

Source: Sean M. Haffey Staff Getty Images Sport 514544046 / Getty

What a greeting:

During her first Olympic bout, the audience greeted this ground-breaking American Muslim woman with cheers of “USA, USA.!” Muhammad came in second in popularity among her athletic peers behind Swimmer Michael Phelps when they voted on who would be our country’s flag bearer during the opening ceremonies last Friday.

Say Her Name:

Muhammad is currently ranked at number seven in the world, according to FIE–the International Fencing Federation. Her’s is a name you should know. How to pronounce Ibtihaj… [[ IBB-tih-haj ]].

Named one of TIME Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People’ of 2016, the 30-year-old athlete also is an entrepreneur. She launched a clothing company called Louella in 2014 which focuses on bringing modest fashion to the U.S. marketplace for women. They’re easy to find on social media with the hashtag, #LouellaLove.

Check out this sportswoman and her ‘nontraditional’ moves in the videos below:

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Courtesy “The Ellen Show”

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