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This week’s topic: Surrendering To Christ

In many cases, the word surrender is connected with the idea of losing something. Of course, when you surrender to the police, there’s a great possibility that you’ll lose your freedom. When you have to surrender your driver’s license, you lose the opportunity to drive. For some people, in marriage when they surrender they are losing their ability to be independent. And for even more people, to surrender to God is to sacrifice your freedom to live, have fun, or even pursue your future aspirations.

But on the contrary, to surrender to Christ is the most positive opportunity that all of us as human beings have. Surrendering to Christ means willingly giving up your priorities and desires and agenda so that God’s becomes the priority. His agenda, will, desire, and focus becomes the most significant thing. Clearly, surrendering to the Will of God is directly connected to our survival, ability to thrive, and overall satisfaction with life

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