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Author says churches should prepare to face Antichrist

New book on the end times sent to over

1000 Christian leaders to spur a national debate


RCC front cover enhanced edition.jpgWilmington, NC – A recent Lifeway research study showed that 26% of Protestant pastors don’t believe in the Rapture; 36% believe Christians will be rescued into heaven prior to any hard times beginning here on the earth, 18% believe Christians will endure all the hard times before being rescued, and 8% believe Christians will go partway through the hard times that are to come.  Author and speaker, Nelson Walters, has just released his third book on the subject of the end times entitled “Rapture: Case Closed?” where he makes the case that Christians may need to prepare to face the Antichrist regardless of their current end time positions, and he backs up his theory with over 450 scripture references.


“These recent ‘end of the world’ predictions, based on incomplete or bad theology, have made all of Christianity look foolish,” says Walters.  “The on-going rapture ‘twitter war’ over the internet also makes Christianity look bad and accomplishes nothing. That is one reason we took the bold step of sending this book, free of charge, to 1000 Christian leaders in the U.S. Only a national discussion among the experts can help resolve this issue of whether our churches should prepare. And this book is a great vehicle to begin the conversation.”


Walters hopes that the book stirs pastors and Christian leaders to prepare their church members to face what he says may be the “greatest challenge in the history of the Church.”


“We need a free and open debate on this issue. And what is the issue? Is it the timing of the Rapture? No, although that is what everyone argues about. The real issue is whether or not Christians will face the Tribulation and the Antichrist’s deceptions and persecutions. If there’s even the slightest chance that we will face that time, we need to prepare every believer. It isn’t a question of who is right or wrong. It is a question of safety. That is my call and passion.”

Though he feels his research is sound, Walters says there was a reason he put a question mark at the end of his book title.

“We couldn’t have a more diverse collection of opinions among Christians,” says Walters, “yet, everyone thinks they know the answer. So I titled the book with a questions mark just to remind myself and everyone reading that we are frail human beings, and other Christians who love Jesus just as much as we do have different thoughts on this matter.”


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