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Roxane Gay, best-selling author of the new memoir Hunger, wants fat people to be recognized outside of popular frames of disease and poor health, according to Harper’s Bazaar. In an interview with Keah Brown, Gay talked about her new book, which the magazine described as “a powerful memoir about food, weight, and self-image.”

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Hunger is Gay’s second work of nonfiction. Her essay collection, “Bad Feminist,” was published in 2014 to critical acclaim. Gay also publishes fiction and poetry, and she is also writes for Marvel’s Black Panther: World of Wakanda. In her latest memoir, Gay writes about the way her body is read as a series of ill-fitting tropes.

“A lot of times people see fatness as sickness and that’s not necessarily the case, just like thinness is not necessarily equated with health. I wish people had more empathy and consideration for different types of bodies…” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

Gay was clear that fat (her preferred term) is just one of the marginalized groups she represents. She said she writes as a Black woman first, because “Black women are the least respected and least heard voices in the world. So I always put that first before anything else, because when I’m walking down the street people see my blackness first—and my size.” 

SOURCE: Harper’s Bazaar


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