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On Tuesday, Nov 6th, your vote is your voice and we want to use that voice proudly and to make your experience even easier, WE the People, is providing buses and vans to give you a FREE ride to the polls and back!

Rides are scheduled to start at 9am and will end at 5:30pm.

Below is a list of polling sites, with each polling site including multiple pick-up sites for your free ride to the polls. You can click here to verify the closest poll location near you.


1. Precinct 2-02, Center Township

Polling site – Indpls Public School #15 – 2302 E. Michigan St .

Pickup sites

a. 2236 E. 10th St

2. Precinct 4-04, Center Township

Polling site – Phillips Temple CME Church – 210 E. 34th St.

Pickup sites

a. 703 E. 30th St..

b. 502 E. 34th St.

3. Precinct 5-(01 & 02), Center Township

Polling site – Mt. Zion Renaissance Center of Hope and Learning – 3549 Boulevard Pl

Pickup sites

a. 3200 Indianapolis Ave

b. 3741 Boulevard Pl

c. 3655 Boulevard Pl

4. Precinct 5-06, Center Township

Polling site – Flanner House – 2424 Doctor MLK Jr. St.

Pickup sites

a. W. 23rd St. and Paris Ave

b. 670 W. 26th St.

c. 401 W. 25th St

5. Precinct 06-(4 & 5), Center Township

Polling site – IPS School #42 – 1002 W. 25th St

Pickup sites

a. 880 W. 28th St.

b. 1001 Eugene St.

6. Precinct 12-03, Center Township

Polling site – Crispus Attucks Middle School – 1140 Doctor MLK Jr. St.

Pickup sites

a. 777 Indiana Ave.

b. 13th and Ransom St.

c. 601 W. St. Clair St.

7. Precinct 30-03, Center Township

Polling site – Indpls Public School #34 – 1410 Wade St.

Pickup sites

a. 1112 Finley Ave.

b. E. Kelly St and Shelby St.


1. Precinct 27-(10 & 11), Lawrence Township

Polling site – IPS Charles W Fairbanks #105 – 8620 Montery Road

Pickup sites

a. 42nd and Post

b. 42nd and Whittfield

2. Precinct LA-47, Lawrence Township

Polling site – Fall Creek Valley Middle School – 9701 E. 63rd St

Pickup sites

a. 9115 Hawkins Rd

b. 5891 Brooks Blvd

3. Precinct LA-(63 & 64), Lawrence Township

Polling site – City of Lawrence Fire Station #39

Pickup sites

a. 8301 E. 46th St

b. 4593 Payton Ave


1. Precinct PI-24, Pike Township

Polling site – Pecar Health Center – 6940 Michigan Rd

Pickup sites

a. 2990 W. 71st St

2. Precinct PI-29, Pike Township

Polling site – Guion Creek Elementary – 4301 W 52nd St.

Pickup sites

a. Georgetown and Kelvington Drive

b. 5585 Georgetown Rd.

c. 59th and Augusta Meadow

3. Precinct 32-01, Pike Township

Polling site – John Wesley Free Methodist Church – 5900 W 46th St

Pickup sites

a. 43rd and Moller

b. Woodland and Renn

4. Precinct 32-(02 & 03), Pike Township

Polling site – Indpls Public School #109 – 6150 Gateway Dr

Pickup sites

a. 38th and Parkwood

b. 42nd and Eisenhower


1. Precinct 20-(09, 10, 11, &12), Washington Township

Polling site – Martin Luther King Community Center – 40 W. 40th St.

Pickup sites

a. 38th and Capitol

b. W. 40th St. and Cornelius Ave.

c. 499 E. 42nd St

2. Precinct 31-(01, 02, & 03), Washington Township

Polling site – Indpls Public School #83 – 5050 E. 42nd St

Pickup sites

a. 4025 N. Sherman Dr

b. 1453, 3609 E 38th St

3. Precinct WS-(52 & 53), Washington Township

Polling site – Crooked Creek Baptist Church – 5540 N. Michigan Rd

Pickup sites

a. 2339 Fox Hill Ct

b. 6105 Coburn Ave

4. Precinct WS-64, Washington Township

Polling site – Witherspoon Presbyterian Church – 5136 N. Michigan Rd

Pickup sites

a. 5260 Michigan Rd.

b. 4798 W. Kessler Blvd. N. Dr


1. Precinct WY-(08 & 09), Wayne Township

Polling site – John Knox Presbyterian Church – 3000 N. High School Rd

Pickup sites

a. 2986 Moller Rd

b. 2579 Parkwood Dr.

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