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Listen to the results to a survey/study focussing on the effectiveness of the City County Council!
The Authors of a very recently released survey from the IU Public Policy Institute join us live on Community Connection.
Read the full report here:
“Through their research, four key areas of improvement emerged:
Better utilize technology to connect with constituents. The council could make better use of technology to communicate with stakeholders and should consider reviewing its website to improve navigation to information. Additionally, the council should consider how to enhance access for residents who can’t use the council’s online platforms.
Increase strategic outreach and public communication. The council should consider engaging in outreach efforts with constituents by working with media, creating newsletters, and using social media to offer substantive council updates.
Maximize operating efficiency by considering staffing and compensation levels. The limited number of paid staff members may impact how much the council can achieve in a given year. Furthermore, increased compensation may allow those elected to devote more time to serving constituents.
Review strategies to engage and collaborate with local agencies and organizations. Interviews with city-county agency leaders showed they wanted to both learn from and educate councilors on issues specific to their agencies.”
Show Guests:
Dr. Cullen Merritt- IU Public Policy Institute Researcher(IUPUI)
Dr. Amanda Rutherford – IU Public Policy Institute Researcher (Bloomington)

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