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Black Voices has found an interesting story about a Biology Professor who sent lyrics from Ludacris and Beanie Siegel to a chemical company and his subsequent ethics investigation.

There are times when quoting rap verses are apropos, then there are times when they are not. Dr. Tyrone Hayes, a biologist at the University of California, Berkeley, opted for the latter, finding himself under an ethics investigation for sending taunting, hip-hop lyric quoting e-mails to the chemical company Syngenta.

In a real life case of when keeping it real goes wrong, after an alleged run-in with one of its scientists, Dr. Hayes sent numerous e-mails to Syngenta, deriding the company with choice raps quotes from the likes of Ludacris and Beanie Sigel. It is safe to say that Luda was not thinking about scientist beef when he rapped “I’m restless, tryna tell ’em that I’m hotter than a burn of the 3rd degree, Then I try to tell ’em that nobody in the world as hot as me,” on his “How Low Remix.”

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