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Do you know the facts about strokes?  Have you always thought strokes are only for people of an older skew?  Well, that’s not true, strokes don’t discriminate. 

The picture you see above is a 20 something’s women who shares her experience with the Daily Beast.  Read her journey below.

Waking up to a pounding headache after a bachelorette party, The Daily Beast’s Elizabeth Gates chalked it up to the revelry. Then she found she couldn’t speak. Three months later, she writes about having a major stroke at an unthinkably young age.

On May 1, I suffered a stroke. Overnight I lost my ability to speak, write, and read. I’m not overweight and I don’t have high blood pressure. I’m not overdosing on steroids and I don’t take birth control. And I’m not in my 70s—I’m in my 20s. From everything I heard in health class, I was poised for optimal health.

I was doing everything right. Juicing every day? Check. Pescatarian? Check. Yoga? Check. Stopped smoking cigarettes (almost)? Check. Calling home once a week? Check.

How the hell did I have a stroke?

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