Listen Live Graphics (Indy)

Audio Included in Post. Part One Runs 54 Minutes. ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Breaking broadcasting barriers again, Afternoons with Amos broadcast live (September 8th) from the Indianapolis Re-Entry Educational Facility, the first time any live radio broadcast had been approved within a secured area of the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC). The program talked about the programs and activities at the Re-Entry Facility and talked about IDOC preparing offenders for reentry to Indiana communities amidst America’s economic downturn.

Guetss on the program were IDOC Commissioner Edwin G. Buss, Marion County Superior Court Judge David Certo (who supervises Probation) and panel of facilty residents: David Ditman, John Robinson, Gregory Edwards, Sherman Lester, Damon Graham, and James Law. Plus some 50 residents comprised a “studio audience” who also asked questions. Listeners and community plus those residents in the audience questioned Commissioner Buss and Judge Certo about job preparedness, parole, probation, and community transition programs. And openly discussed their concerns about being released from incarceration and their interest in taking full advantage of the programs offered at the Re-Entry Facility. Listen above to Part One of this special program. And check out below photos from this ground breaking AWA broadcast.