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INDIANAPOLIS — You get a call. There’s a panicked voice on the line telling you they’re in trouble and it sounds exactly like a loved one.

Experts warn it may be a scam made possible through artificial intelligence (AI).

“They can not only spoof the number to make it look like it’s coming from the person they think it’s coming from, but this new AI technology makes it sound just the person,” retired Special Agent Doug Kouns said.

Kouns was with the FBI for 22 years and says phone scams are getting harder and harder to distinguish.

“If they’re asking you for something that’s out of the ordinary or seems wrong, say ‘let me call you right back.’ Hang up, dial the number and say ‘did you just call me?’ Good chance they weren’t,” Kouns said.

Professor Snehasis Mukhopadhyay at IUPUI has over 30 years of experience studying artificial intelligence.

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