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The National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) recently held its annual fall Board of Directors meeting in Charleston, S.C. last weekend, dubbed “The Southern Experience”. The reports that controversial pictures of S.C. Senate President Glenn McConnel have surfaced online, with the South Carolina leader dressed as a confederate soldier posing with Black people dressed as slaves.

Unfortunately, many southerners embrace the Confederate south as a foundation of their heritage, while many others wish to forget the era which was driven by racism, bigotry, and legislation which enslaved African-Americans.

The attendees may have found this humorous, but many viewers do not find this event comical at all.

Now, McConnell has been known for his affinity to dress up as a Confederate soldier. It’s certainly something that African Americans in general aren’t too fond of. However, the fact that there are not one, but two, African Americans in attendance dressed up as slaves and willing to be photographed smiling is just mind-blowing. Perhaps they didn’t get the memo that being dressed up as slaves and taking pictures with a Confederate soldier isn’t cool.

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