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It is officially time that Pat Robertson to be removed from network television. The 700 Club should be under immediate fire over the soft-spoken, longtime pseudo evangelist’s words on Haiti’s plight.

He is obviously experiencing a bout with Alzheimer’s as he mentions a time in Haiti’s history that caused all of this. Robertson had the audacity to say that 200 years ago (when he was a little boy) that somebody had said that Haiti was under the French’s heel and the Haitian people asked the devil for help and he said “okay” and delivered them from the French and they became a free nation because of it and now they are suffering the consequences.

He actually said that the Haitians said to the devil:

“We will serve you, if you’ll get us free from the French.  And so, the devil said …

Hmm, well, click over and get the rest of it HERE and then chime in.