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Former Milli Vanilli singer Fabrice Morvan is probably the last person you’d expect to criticize the “authenticity” of today’s music.

“It’s not about being authentic anymore, it’s about being entertaining,” he told USA Today. Morvan added that he and fellow Vanilli member Rob Pilatus were “scapegoats” in the whole lip-syncing controversy.

Back in 1990, after winning the Grammy award for best new artist, the group and then producer Frank Farian admitted that the pair weren’t actually singing on their Grammy-winning album, which caused The Recording Academy to strip them of the honor.

Twenty years later, though, “what we were crucified for you see everywhere,” Morvan said in the interview.

It’s true. Britney Spears was called out by the Australian press for lip-syncing during her “Circus” tour in 2009. Her promoter said the lip-syncing part of the act was well known, since she dances her way through the performance. All Spears said in response was that she came to Australia for her fans, not for the critics.

When USA Today went to The Recording Academy to hear their side of the infamous incident, they had no comment. They did, however, assure viewers that there won’t be any lip-syncing at the Grammy’s this Sunday – every single performance will be sung live.

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