It’s still really cold here in Central Indiana–bitterly cold temps, in fact, around four degrees at some points–on this Wednesday morning. The cold is causing some area school officials to provide extra time for buses and parents to deliver students to school safely with several delays and a few closures in the outlying areas. Click HERE to […]

The bitter cold continues here in Central Indiana on Tuesday with fresh snow falling on top of the ice that was already present on city streets. These weather conditions combine for a messy, slick and potentially dangerous morning commute. Schools are making adjustments this morning to provide extra time for buses and parents to deliver […]

Due to the bitter cold weather, snow, and ice on the ground here in Central Indiana, there are some schools in the city and surrounding areas that are on two-hour delays this Monday morning. Forecasters say today’s highs will be in the upper-20s, but morning temperatures are expected to be in the single digits. Some of […]

Pope Francis is back in Rome at the Vatican on this Monday after his history-making trip to the United States. Speaking to reporters on his flight back home, the Pope said government officials have a right to refuse to carry out job duties such as issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples if they believe it […]

A new report from the Baltimore Sun indicates that at least one Baltimore Police officer warned fellow cops that Freddie Gray was in need of medical attention prior to his death in April. Officer William Porter’s statements are being revealed for the first time and bring new information to the surface around what happened prior […]

It’s been a busy news Monday for our neighbor to the south, Kentucky. A county clerk there, returns to work on this Monday still defiant on the issue of doing her job, which includes issuing marriage licences to gay couples–this despite spending five days in jail for contempt of court for disobeying a judge and […]

In a follow-up to a developing story we brought you earlier this week out of Chicago, police there now say they’re draining a lagoon in a west side city park as they continue to investigate the gruesome discovery of a toddler’s decomposing body parts. City crews began the process Tuesday as divers continued to look for any […]

An icon of the Civil Rights Movement will be buried at sea. Julian Bond who was chairman emeritus of the NAACP and a founder of both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and the Student Non-violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) is going to be cremated and his family will scatter his ashes at sea this Saturday in a […]

A spokesman for Donald Trump is threatening reporters from The Daily Beast over a scathing article that implies that the Republican presidential candidate once raped his ex-wife. That spokesman, Michael Cohen, unleashed a series of vulgar threats and is quoted in the article as saying, “You cannot rape your spouse.” The article clarifies that Ivana Trump […]

Indianapolis’ newest church exercising its “religious freedom” has held its first worship service in a festive way, welcoming congregants and community while the world watches. Click the media player below to hear the latest about the First Church of Cannabis. ###(@kwellscomm)### kimwellsmedia 070215 @PraiseIndy

“The Donald” is known for controversy, the latest of which, came when he announced his bid for president joining the 2016 race on the GOP ticket while slamming Mexican immigrants. Since then, he’s taken some heat and is losing valuable relationships and dollars. Click the media player below to listen to his latest rant as […]

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be attending a private fundraiser in Indy to start out this week. Her campaign officials say, the former secretary of state, U.S. senator and First Lady is hitting several states on a fundraising tour including here on this Monday. The location and time of Clinton’s visit aren’t being released. […]