Community Connection Monday January 22nd, 2024 Starting the week off with a bang! Take a listen as Tina invites Rev. Dr. Therron Williams on the show to dissect his new Black History Month initiative, “Black History: From “K” to “Gray”. Then, we are joined by the newly elected mayor of Lawrence, Mayor Deb Whitfield as […]

ATLANTA — Are Black mayors disingenuously masking their Blackness? Political Correspondent Charles Ellison seems to think so. In an opinion article in The Atlanta Post, Ellison postulates a political thread among Black mayors in which they focus more on solidarity and wholeness to appease their white constituents, as opposed to focusing on economic and education […]

With the rise of Black mayors in the nation — more than 500 to be exact —more provisions could be made to decrease the rate of Black unemployment. The unemployment rate among African-Americans is currently 16.2 percent, as opposed to the national rate of 9.1 percent. Reports: The Black unemployment problem remains the cause […]