Jerome “Jerry” Isaac, the Brooklyn man accused of setting a 73-year-old grandmother on fire in her building’s elevator, harassed his victim for months, family members say. SEE ALSO: How Racism Created Poverty According to reports, Issac stole keys to Delores Gillespie’s apartment and repeatedly jammed the locks every time she changed them. Issac claims she […]

NEW YORK-A 62-year-old woman had her head bashed in with a brick and is clinging to life after having a rock fight with her grandson, according to police. Both the woman and her grandson have not been named but the incident happened in the Bed-Stuy are of Brooklyn. The New York Daily News reports: The […]

NEW YORK-Claudia Tillery, a teacher at Decatur School, in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, has been charged with with raping a male student and giving him drugs and alcohol. According to police, the student is now fourteen and claims to have had a relationship with Tillery for two years. See also: Al Sharpton’s New MSNBC Commercial Features Pie See […]

NEW YORK — Several juice bars in Brooklyn are selling drinks that they claim will enhance male sexual performance. One popular drink at the Punch Line Juice Bar in Crown Heights is the 32 ounce “Armageddon,” which costs $15. See Also: Black Travel: Visit Kansas City, Missouri See Also: Check Out J.Lo’s New Boyfriend The New York […]

A New York contractor working on a Brooklyn affordable housing project hired goons to pour acid and beat workers who blew the whistle on a kickback scheme, where a city official was indicted court papers show. See also: ‘My Brooklyn: The Battle For The Soul Of A City’ Documents Brooklyn Gentrification If Brooklyn were a city, […]

A Brooklyn high school is catching flack for its treatment of students after it barred students from using all but one of the school’s restrooms. Administrators at Brooklyn’s Science Skills Center High School said they locked all but one of the school’s bathrooms to punish kids for misbehaving. See also: Brooklyn ‘Before I Die…’ Chalkboard Outside […]

Three men have been brought in by the NYPD in the shooting death of a mother who saved several children from gunfire that erupted last week in Brownsville, Brooklyn. The mother, 34-year-old Zurana Horton, died from a shot to the chest. RELATED: Stop Snitching Only Kills More In Our Community Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly […]

NEW YORK — Zurana Horton, a Brooklyn mother of 12, was killed in Brownsville last week while trying to shield children from bullets from a shootout. The NYPD’s Crime Stoppers program, the Urban Community Council, and 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement have put up a $15,000 reward for the capture of the person that killed […]

NEW YORK-Activist and New York City Councilman, Charles Barron has called for the removal of a hanging dreadlocked scarecrow from a park in Brooklyn. Barron called the scarecrow “racist” and NYPD took down the scarecrow and took it for evidence. Hate Crime? Black Student In Cali Says He Was Bullied With Noose Halloween Lynching Custom […]

BROOKLYN — A Brooklyn teen is in critical but stable condition at Kings County Hospital just days after a plot to take his life was captured on camera. Surveillance footage released by police on Wednesday capture the ambush and near fatal shooting of Tyquan Sewall, 18, outside a Brooklyn McDonald’s. The video clearly shows the intricate scheme, […]

BROOKLYN — A 7-year-old Brooklyn boy is being hailed as a hero days after calmly dialing 911 after his sick mom collapsed and suffered a seizure. Paramedics arrived minutes after Drew Champagnie told a 911 dispatcher his address as well as his father’s cell phone number. After his heroics, Champagnie went to school as if nothing […]

NEW YORK-Brooklyn City Councilman, Jumaane Williams who was handcuffed and detained by police officers at the West Indian Labor Day parade says racism played a factor is his detainment. Williams was handcuffed and later released after a policemen refused to let him enter a safe-zone near the Brooklyn Museum. The New York Post reports: “I […]