RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The University of California-Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative has awarded UC Riverside a $156,417 grant to mentor and encourage more African American undergraduates to enroll in UC graduate programs. A total of 18 African American students from historically black colleges and universities (HBCU) will spend eight weeks at the Riverside campus […]

RIVERSIDE, Calif. – The University of California-Historically Black Colleges and Universities Initiative has awarded UC Riverside a $156,417 grant to encourage more African American undergraduates…

CALIFORNIA — A woman was escorted off an Amtrak train on Sunday for speaking too loudly on her phone. Huffington Post reports: Lakeysha Beard, 39, was charged with disorderly conduct after she wouldn’t stop talking on the 16-hour trip from Oakland, California, to Salem, Oregon. The train was stopped short of its destination. Train operators […]

FONTANA, Calif.– A 9-month pregnant woman said she was robbed at gunpoint by an 80-year-old woman in the parking lot of a Kohl’s. NY Daily News reports: The victim, who is nine months pregnant, said she was waiting in the parking lot of a Kohl’s department store in Fontana, Calif., at around 11:00 a.m. when […]

LOS ANGELES — John Floyd Thomas, Jr., the 74-year-old man accused of raping and killing seven different older women in the seventies and eighties, pleaded guilty on Friday to the California murders. Investigators believe Thomas may be connected with as many as 30 different murders and sexual assaults across Inglewood, Lenox, Los Angeles, and the […]

REDONDO BEACH — An estimated one million fish turned up dead Tuesday in a Southern California marina, creating a floating feast for pelicans, gulls and other sea life and a stinky mess for harbor authorities. ALSO READ: 25 Reasons Why We Love Blaxpoitation Movies The sardines apparently depleted the water of oxygen and suffocated after […]

Banning, CA– Three 13-year-old boys have been arrested after police say they admitted to raping a girl in a park playground as she was walking home from school.

Monique Nelson, 30, was killed Tuesday by a stray bullet in a California strip mall as she strapped her baby into the car seat.

(UNION CITY, CA) Convicted sex offender, Eugene Melendres Ramos was arrested for sexually assaulting a 2-year-old girl in a Dollar Tree store in Union City, California. According to, some good Samaritans in the store helped prevent the attack and apprehend the suspect. The girl had her pants and diaper removed and was being straddled […]

A former real estate agent drove with the partially mummified body of a homeless woman in the passenger seat of her car for between three and 10 months, according to a report.

Meg Whitman truly believes that California is for sale. She has spent a record-breaking $140 million of her own money in an attempt to buy the state. But California isn’t just some eBay item Whitman can bid on.

Less than three weeks before California voters hit the polls, the Justice Department issued a preemptive message concerning a ballot measure making worldwide headlines.