In this edition of the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about all the attention that often gets placed on what we wear. She discusses how difficult it is to balance a security in oneself and what one wears with modesty and respect for dress codes. She also opens up about her own journey as a curvy […]


By now you have probably already heard all about Pokémon Go.  Maybe you even have the popular ap downloaded to your smartphone.  A church in Texas has extended a warm welcome to visitors who wish to play Pokémon Go in it’s hallways. If you aren’t sure what this craze is, the main objective is to visit real […]

On “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” during ‘Faith Walk’ she talks about how Sunday is a segregated day. People talk about white churches and black churches and compare the music that they play at them. She mentioned if we’re all love the same Jesus there should’t be any problem. People beat up others with […]

During “Get Up! Mornings With Erica Campbell” they have callers speaking on ‘Why It’s So Important For Christians To Go To Church.’ All the callers believed you should go to church because as a Christian it’s how you get your word and it’s your duty. Another caller mentioned that Christians should go to church just […]

In GRIFF’s prayer today, he thanks God for being so fortunate that he is able to have his own church. Still, he says, he must say something about the people he notices sneaking out of church before the service is over, and before it’s time to tithe! He says he tries really hard not to pay […]

Finding a place where we can worship God in a safe and trusted environment is an important aspect of people’s faith. And being able to trust the people in those spaces is crucial. Although we hold those with leadership positions in the church to a hire standard, but at the end of the day, they are […]

Three months after launching a midweek service, gospel singer-turned-pastor Deitrick Haddon is officially opening the doors to his Hill City Church on Sundays. Haddon took to Instagram to announce the growth of his church. “I’m excited to announce that @hillcitychurchla is now starting Sunday worship encounters! Your Sunday afternoon will never be the same,” the Instagram […]

Imagine trying to be a missionary in another country without even attempting to learn the language. Any explanations of the gospel would be useless. Your listeners would have no idea what you are saying. In some ways, many American churches are in the same situation with their surrounding neighborhoods. The church is using one language […]

Four-year-old gospel singer captivates churchgoers | He’s got the voice. He’s got the moves. And he is only four years old. Caleb Serrano may be small but he is getting some big attention after a video went viral of his performance at a North Carolina church. “Caleb has been singing and demonstrating he’s got […]

Jordin Sparks found fame on the “American Idol” stage, but she recently returned to the sacred space where she developed her musical talents: the church. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter led prayer and worship at the Angelus Temple in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday. “We’re so excited about what God is going to do today through our […]

Going to church could save your life — no, seriously! A new study has found that women who worship more than once a week had a 33 percent lower mortality rate than those who stay at home. “Our results suggest that there may be something important about religious service attendance beyond solitary spirituality,” explained Tyler […]

Christians must fight against “peace stealers” to maintain a state of rest within the Lord, Joel Osteen says. Osteen, who heads Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, wrote in a recent blog post that while the Bible encourages Christians to “enter into the rest of God,” it can become a daily struggle to maintain internal peace when […]