You may be surprised to find out which cities have the largest population of people that identify themselves as religiously unaffiliated. Portland, Oregon is leading with a whopping 42% followed by San Francisco, California and Seattle, Washington both with 33%. The city of Indianapolis, Indiana also made the list with 19% religiously unaffiliated. To […]

  Do you live in one of the best or worst cities to celebrate Valentine’s Day? According to a recent study, San Francisco, Seattle, San Diego, and San Jose are the top five best cities to celebrate the holiday of love. And, the worst begins with Detroit, Laredo, TX North Las Vegas, Toledo, Ohio and […]

The America that we know and live in today is made possible by the sacrifice of our troops. So, when they return home, they deserve to be given quality health care, housing, and education among other benefits. While there are some cities that really do a good job at helping our troops transition from the […]

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Isreal Houghton is really wearing many hats and his new hat as movie Executive is taking him on tour! Here is the tour schedule if you want to go check it out! Source: Gospel Break

Knoxville, Tenn., known for being the home of Dolly Parton and the Tennessee Valley Authority, was named number one on the American Bible Society’s “Most…

Is Indy The Top 10 Best Cities To Live In The Next Decade.