Kirk & Tammy Franklin talk about how they've kept their marriage strong for 21 years.

In this edition of the Get Up Poll, Erica Campbell asks that sticky question- is it okay to lie? Now, we all know that the answer to that question is no. But the men bring up the point that sometimes they lie to protect their lady’s feelings. We’ve all heard the age old question “do […]

Inspired by video from a comedian’s bit on Facebook, Erica Campbell poses what seems to be an age-old question: do black women have a problem submitting to men? Black women have long had a reputation for being more rebellious and refusing to submit in relationships to men- why is that? These listeners put their two […]

And other key findings from new major research on minority US families. For his latest research, University of Virginia sociologist W. Bradford Wilcox stepped out of the ivory tower and relocated to New York City. He and his family spent a year living in Harlem, interviewing pastors and members Of black and Latino churches in […]

Commemorating the life and love he and his late wife shared while she was alive, gospel singer Marvin Sapp offered his followers practical advice on real love. In a lengthy Facebook post meant to honor the birth date of his late wife, Sapp shared from his experience on real love. He release the post under the […]

An Alabama journalist reportedly set fire to her own vehicle while she was still inside after a fight with her husband.