A 3-year-old girl in Philadelphia was found chewing on a small bag filled with crack cocaine


Today President Barack Obama put his pen where his values are and commuted the sentences of 22 incarcerated Americans, more than doubling the number of…

Canada’s Vancouver Eastside, where drug dealing, prostitution, and homelessness reign supreme, is known as Vancouver’s “square mile of vice.” This area also houses the city’s sole residential black community, and 70 percent of its residents are aboriginal.  According to the UK’s Daily Mail, the dumping ground for the city’s problems has now become part of a […]

Police in Alabama arrested an 81-year-old woman they suspect of selling crack from her Prichard, Alabama home. Police say Ola Mae Robinson has a long history of drug dealing and has yet to learn her lesson. Robinson was also arrested this past June on possession and distribution charges. “Wish I was [selling crack], ’cause then I’d […]

ST. LOUIS — A Kindergartener brought a crack pipe and meth to class for show and tell in Sweet Springs, Missouri right outside of St. Louis. The teacher found out about the kindergartener’s plan before he had a chance to show the items to his class. Man Receives 15 Year Sentence For Unweighable Amount Of […]

PENNSYLVANIA-Several bags of crack cocaine, sextoys and a large amount of cash was found at R&B day care center in Homewood, Pennsylvania. RELATED: Top 9 must see Black films WHEC reports: During the bust, agents found $6,000 worth of crack cocaine, several bags of sex toys and $4,000 cash inside the daycare. Read The Whole […]