President Barack Obama says the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Obama said he wasn't surprised by Trump's ascendance in the presidential race.

Just like the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the RNC refuses to schedule a debate solely on the issue of racial justice. Activists affiliated with the #BlackLivesMatter network and Campaign Zero had asked the two parties to add a formal racial justice debate to their schedules.

The Black Lives Matter movement received a nod from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) on Wednesday to host a presidential town hall.

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Click Above to Hear Full Interview. Runs 21 Minutes ©2012 WTLC/Radio One. The Executive Director of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Patrick Gaspard boosted President Barack Obama’s re-election in an exclusive Afternoons with Amos interview. Gaspard, a former top union official and White House operative, made the case for the President’s re-election with Amos and […]