Kris Humphries got his behind handed to him after posting what many saw as a derogatory tweet against his step-father-in-law-of-72-days, Bruce Jenner, reports the New York…

Get In the Know With Kim’s Thursday News & Headlines Happy Throw-Back Thursday to you on this annual Great American Smokeout Day! Another shooting on at an American college leaves a campus community in chaos. At least two people are in the hospital this Thursday morning, one is in critical condition and the other is stable after […]

It is Christmas time and it is a time for Love, Peace, and Hope.  So many people are struggling and are having hard times.  In hard times children are often hardest affected.  Last night I was watching Nightline with one of my favorite journalists, Diane Sawyer. She covered a story about a principal going the […]

*There are so many angles to view the life and memory of Whitney Houston. The power of her music is undeniable. The message in her many songs will forever be sentimental.  It is an obvious rehashing for someone who could not hide from the constant glare of the spotlight and the relentless probing into her personal life.  Of course the […]