In this Faith Walk, Erica Campbell talks about going through not only her husband’s cancer scare, but her own as well. She opens up about getting the phone call from the doctors about her husbands cancer, and going through the process of recognizing the reality of it. She recalls falling onto her knees and just […]

Malachi Love-Robinson, the Delray Beach, Florida teen who was arrested last week for impersonating a doctor, has more legal troubles to handle, including a case in which he allegedly used a bad check to pay for a car.

A new study reveals Black children are getting far less medication than White children upon admission into hospitals.

A surgical team is pleased to announce the first successful penis transplant in South Africa, BBC News reports. The operation took place in December 2014; the…

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Is it possible that college grads that take out student loans and goto school for 4 years will put their careers on the side to embrace nannying? It appears that college grads are doing just that! click here to read more SOURCE: NBC NEWS Follow me on twitter: @lizfaithdixson  

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By Yvonne VillarrealJune 11, 2012, 10:32 a.m. Robin Roberts, who overcame breast cancer five years ago, is battling another health scare. The  “Good Morning America” anchor announced Monday that she has myelodysplastic syndrome, a disease of the blood and bone marrow, that was likely caused by her cancer treatment. CLICK HERE for more of the […]

Instilling good habits in children is important.  Eating healthy, getting regular checkups from your doctor and getting plenty of rest are just a few items on the Life “to-do” list.  As a child, most of our parents made sure we maintained our routine doctor’s appointments.