Evan Bayh

@kwellscomm  PraiseIndy.com News — Good day to you on this Election Day 2016. (Remember to tune-in to the stations of WTLC (106.7-FM & AM-1310 “The Light”) tonight for Election Night 2016 coverage! We’ll be on top of the results and the stories of the evening as our team hits the streets from our downtown studios of Radio […]

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” has been said a lot in recent months.  But in Indianapolis there’s been a demonstration of the Impact that One Black Life Can Have. In a Special Broadcast, longtime friends, business partners, mentors, professional colleagues, community and civic leaders gathered for a moving, touching, humourous and melancholy tribute to a […]

After weeks of speculation, rumors and just plain wishing and hoping by Indiana Democrats that he would, Evan Bayh, former Senator and Governor said he won’t run for Governor in 2016.  In a statement Bayh said, “Serving as Governor of Indiana has been the greatest honor of my life. Working with many wonderful people from […]

In a stunning development Joe Hogsett is announced his resignation as US Attorney for the Southern District of Indiana.  Immediately speculation feverishly developed among Democrats and the media as to whether Hogsett, a former Indiana Secretary of State, would formally enter the Democratic primary in next year’s race for Mayor of Indianapolis/Marion County. Fueling that […]

In spirited appearance in Indianapolis, former President Bill Clinton excited some 3,000 with a rousing speech blasting the Republicans refusal to cooperate in governing the country. Mr. Clinton attacked Republicans “my way or the highway” mentality, while praising the bipartisanship of Senator Richard Lugar.  President Clinton appeared at a boisterous rally at North Central High […]

Audio Included in Post. Audio©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Just hours after the historic Senate vote to confirm Indiana’s first African-American Federal Judge, both Senator Evan Bayh and Congressman Andre Carson talked about the history making event on Afternoons with Amos.  Both lawmakers also discussed what President Barack Obama should do in the BP Oil Spill Crisis; […]

<strong>Audio Included in Post. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One.</strong> Congressman Brad Ellsworth, who will be the Democrats' choice to replace Sen. Evan Bayh, made his introductory appearance to Indianapolis' African-American community, the state's largest, in an exclusive, wide ranging interview Wednesday on Afternoons with Amos.

Audio Included in Post. Audio©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Listeners to Afternoons with Amos expressed strong opinions and feelings about the sudden decision of Senator Evan Bayh not to run for re-election.  Here’s Part 2 of the Monday, February 15th broadcast.

Audio Included in Post. Audio©2010 WTLC/Radio One. The Democratic Party continues to blast former Senator Dan Coats expected entry into the race to unseat Senator Evan Bayh. Alec Gerlach, spokesperson for the Democratic National Committee, talked live on Afternoons with Amos explaining why Coats, who represented Indiana in the US Senate from 1988 to 1998, […]

Audio Included in Post. Audio ©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Dan Coats, the Republican who used to hold Senator Evan Bayh’s Senate seat, is preparing to challenge the two term Democratic Senator. Coats issued a statement saying he’s creating an exploratory committee and getting signatures to place his name on the ballot. Afternoons with Amos talked with […]