Todd has a new album coming out this spring and he tells Faith Dixson about all about it and what to expect!  

Faith sat and talked with long time friend and Chicago native, Todd Dulaney about his journey as a Gospel music artist. The former professional baseball player speaks on that transition and catches up with one of his day one supporters and friends

Todd Dulaney gives us Praise Unplugged it’s first live in studio performance, accompanied by his guitar player and back up singers. See the spirit moving performance below!  

Wendy Williams always asks the hard questions!  She didn’t hold back for the Preachers of L.A.~  She asks Deitrick Haddon was he still married to Damita when he met his new wife!!! She loves the show and discusses the pros and cons of reality tv for the men of God! Source: Gospel Break click here […]

This is the time of the year where it is better to give than receive!  I am so excited to share with you the great work that Eastern Star is doing to give back this week. 3-day outreach event that will take place this weekend “Christmas Under-A-Star” – December 6-8, 2013, presented by Eastern Star […]

Another great moment to capture the spirit was right here in Indianapolis! The return of Faithful Friday’s was a great time. What better way to restart an event such as this than with Jonathan Butler!? If you missed it, you missed a great faith filled moment but we have some highlights for you below! Check […]

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Faithful Fridays is an amazing event for those who love Gospel Music and fellowship to unwind after work and get their praise on!  This Friday August 9th from 7pm-11pm is the return of Faithful Friday’s!  Don’t miss live in concert Jonathan Butler!…. along with Indy’s own June Rochelle and more hosted by Faith Dixson….. ADMISSION […]

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It is nothing like having a great conversation with an amazing man of God!  @earnestpugh stopped by the station on his way to GMWA! Hear about his new album, new label(s), new artists, and his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin Verdict! Love Earnest Pugh! listen below EARNEST

Get ready Get ready Get ready for another praise in the park you don’t want to miss!  This year we are giving everyone an opportunity to get your praise on!  You asked for it and now you are going to get it!  Praise in the Park on the Canal returns but on a Saturday July […]


If you need to add music to your collection… G.E. tells us what to look for… NEW MUSIC RELEASES