In this edition of GRIFF’s Prayer, GRIFF speaks to God from his heart about game night. He prays that everyone gets the right partner, somebody who won’t constantly be stuck in jail during the entire game of Monopoly, or somebody who knows how to describe things without giving away the word in charades. Not only GRIFF’s prayer hilarious […]

GRIFF’s prayer this morning is dedicated to spouses in households with two cars. He speaks on the frustrating situation of getting into one’s car after one’s spouse has used it, and finding that they left very little gas in the tank and didn’t bother to fill it up! He prays for reciprocity in the future […]

It’s GRIFF‘s daughter’s 9th birthday, and so he & Erica Campbell called her up to wish her a happy birthday! She reveals what her prayer was on the morning of her birthday, and how she feels about turning another year old. Plus, Erica shares the day’s Erica-ism. She talks about feelings, and why you can’t worry about […]

VH1 recently held an event in New York to celebrate mothers of Hollywood, called “Dear Mama.”  Will Smith spoke about his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and melted the hearts of everyone in the room. “Jada is magical,” said Smith of his wife of 19 years.  “Part of why I love her is things happen in […]

Prince was a meticulous planner, a thoughtful businessman and well-versed in legal matters (music-related ones, anyway), but it’s still unclear if he had a will. Spokesmen for the star declined to comment on plans for his estate. But if he did die without a will, Minnesota law states that his estate would go to his […]

Janet Jackson is delaying her “Unbreakable” tour, saying Wednesday that she and her husband are planning their family and that she is under doctor’s orders to rest. The 49-year-old singer announced in a clip on her Twitter account Wednesday morning that there has been a “sudden change” to the second leg of her tour, which […]

There’s a biopic coming that’s focusing on Sam Cooke’s murder. According to producer Romeo Antonio, Sam Cooke: The Truth is a “murder-mystery” and will look into Cooke’s 1964 death. Cooke died after being shot by Bertha Franklin, a manager of a South Los Angeles motel. According to reports, Franklin was defending herself against Cooke and his death […]

Faith sat and talked with long time friend and Chicago native, Todd Dulaney about his journey as a Gospel music artist. The former professional baseball player speaks on that transition and catches up with one of his day one supporters and friends

Beyoncé spoke with Garage Magazine in a rare interview, and opened up about her love for art and family.  The article is accompanied by photographs of  Beyoncé surrounded by circles of vibrant colors, done by artist Urs Fischer. Beyoncé  says that she loves photography and painting, partly because she can remember her mother collecting art when she was […]

Photos of Gwen Slade, 65, her daughter Jemima Slade, 44, and granddaughter Lily Slade, 16, went viral last week after The Sun published a story claiming the women are often mistaken for sisters.

TLC has a new show called 'Long Lost Family,' and the stories are sure to surprise you.

An entire family of six was found dead in their Chicago-area home this week, including 10 and 13-year-old boys, The Chicago Tribune reports.