Texas State Senator Rodney Ellis spoke with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now about the conditions on the ground and the latest developments in the deadly historic Houston flooding.

Gov. Rick Snyder requested the president declare a federal emergency on Thursday after nearly exhausting all efforts to prevent residents from cooking, drinking, and bathing using the lead-filled water.

A microscope has returned to New Orleans – the city forever changed ten years ago by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The category five hurricane began…


The bidding war for where the Obama library, museum, and presidential center will be built has come to an end. The library will be built…

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President Bush’s FEMA director criticizes President Obama’s quick response to this Natural disaster of Storm Sandy!  He thinks the President is capitalizing on this tragedy to “play President!”  Is he serious????….. I’m sorry if you are something you can not play it…. He is not playing President… He is the President of the United States!  […]

Federal agency to survey tornado-damaged area (Henryville)  —  The Federal Emergency Management Agency will get a firsthand look at the devastation left behind in last Friday’s storms and tornadoes in Clark County, to determine the area’s eligibility for federal assistance. Last Sunday, Governor Mitch Daniels had declared 11 counties as disaster areas, prompting FEMA officials to […]

Alex Jones a radio show host and conspiracy theorist from the John Birch Society, Timothy McVeigh/Patriot Movement school of thought has claimed to have discovered FEMA Concentration Camps, which are a part of his New World Order conspiracy theory which believes that the new One World Illuminati government will put “True Patriots” in FEMA concentration […]