Now you know I can’t make this stuff up… I’m just not this creative.. SMH Only in America can a classroom full of students eager to learn show up only to be cursed out by a bucket-naked teacher… Now that’s what I call an exciting day at school… A math professor at Michigan State University […]

 David Letterman is  known for raking his guests and potential guests across the coals to get a rise out of them and a laugh out of his audience.  But, this time it seems that someone is dissin’ him and ignoring Letterman’s attempts to get him on the show. According to Letterman, Mitt Romney has been […]

The country has been worried about jobs for the last four years and it is a major issue in the elections that people want to see addressed. The president cannot solve this problem on his own, he needs the help of employers and it seems that this season they are willing to help out. Macy’s, […]

No doubt LeBron James has endorsed many a product, but we can assume without question, heroin is NOT one of them; and the Philadelphia drug dealer selling packets of the stuff labeled “LEBRON JAMES” recently got the memo. According to The Philadelphia Daily News  the Upper Darby police busted a major heroin dealer from Philadelphia on Thursday; […]

Did Iron Mike Tyson undergo surgery to have his tattoos removed? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!!!! But since I’ve got your attention……   Mike Tyson is sporting a neck brace and a significant scar after undergoing surgery to fix a degenerated disc. The boxer, 46, showed up to a charity auction held by the World Boxing Council and Hublot Watches […]

(Via Health Day News) – The link between chronic stress and weight gain is much stronger in black girls than white girls, and may help explain why black girls are more likely to be overweight than white girls, according to a new study. In the United States, the obesity rate in blacks is 50 percent […]