Flint Water Crisis

The EPA called Michigan’s response “inadequate,” announcing an emergency order to address the water crisis

President Obama on Thursday announced his administration would give the city $80 million in federal funding to assist in the water crisis poisoning thousands -- a growing scandal that has sparked resignation requests from citizens for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

The residents of Flint, Michigan have been exposed to unsafe drinking water for about two years now, and many celebrities are speaking out and offering aid. In April 2014, Gov. Rick Snyder and other officials decided to change the water supply from Lake Huron to the town’s previous water supply.  The water supply contained salt and flowed […]

Gov. Snyder will appear before the Michigan Congress Tuesday evening to present his plan.

Democratic frontrunner Bernie Sanders is bringing attention to the water crisis that is unfolding in Michigan. Sanders is calling for Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to resign after the situation left over 30,000 people in Flint without drinkable tap water and thousands of people sick. “There are no excuses. The governor long ago knew about the […]