For the first time, the U.S. government is confirming that it conducted secret chemical experiments on World War II troops by grouping them according to…

The federal government’s authority to gather vast quantities of phone records in the hunt for terrorists expired at 12:01 a.m. Monday after Senator Rand Paul,…

Who doesn’t need extra money these days?  Well if you are over 50 years old there may be some cash available to you before you reach retirement years.  The key is you have to search for it.  It is out there!  Won’t God do it!!!!! Apparently there are some programs that may put you thousands […]

It is not good to have the government battle on whether or not they will shut down.  The stress of  so many government employees having their lives weighing in the balance is affecting the Nation.  Here is what a government shutdown can mean for us….. click here to read more! Source: Indy Star Keep our […]

The Vice President of the United States has a very specific job. One of the key factors given to him is that under the Constitution,…

WASHINGTON — In the ultimate cap to a year of last-minute, half-loaf legislation, the Senate voted overwhelmingly on Saturday to extend a payroll tax cut for a two months, with the chamber’s leaders and the White House proclaiming victory, even as they pushed the issue of how to extend the tax cut and unemployment benefits […]

With lawmakers in Washington battling over the budget, many programs including President Obama’s anti-poverty initiatives may soon face dire cuts. House Republicans zeroed out all three parts of the president’s Neighborhood Revitalization Initiatives: the school-centered Promise Neighborhoods, the housing-focused Choice Neighborhoods and the law enforcement-oriented Byrne Criminal Justice Initiative. City Limits Reports: All three programs […]

Concerned pastors are making a statement to Congress today: Don’t balance the federal budget on the backs of the poor. As Republicans and Democrats fight over cuts, taxes and debt limits, faith leaders are worried that the ultimate losers will be the programs relied on by the poorest Americans for food, education and health care. […]

The foundations of American industry, in theory, are trustworthy, sensible concepts. For one, the enterprising businessperson should have an impervious work ethic. In addition, responsible financial practices (saving, lending, earning) should underpin any viable business. Lastly, many of our business models have failure and risk built in, and that’s all right. Preparing for failure is […]