People all over the country and world have been wondering how they can give back to the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy. NY Giants Receiver, Victor Cruz did an amazing thing by honoring one of his biggest fans! Jack Pinto is one of the victims from Friday’s tragedy.  Jack was a huge Giants fan […]

The nation and the world are mourning the tragedy of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in the town and borough of Newtown, Connecticut. A young man in his 20’s allegedly walked into the school and according to some media reports, shot his mother, a teacher at the school, and a number of […]

It was given in prime time but the networks didn’t carry it, but has the full video of President Barack Obama’s speech to the National Urban League Convention. During the speech the President talked about education and according to the Huffington Post “The President formally announced a new program aimed at improving educational outcomes […]

Gun owners and enthusiasts who are sensing that President Barack Obama’s possible re-election will lead to stricter gun laws, have been purchasing and stockpiling firearms…