Donald Trump may have finally met his match.

For over a year, the KKK and Anonymous have exchanged blows online. The first unhooding by the collective was last year during the Ferguson unrest.

The group tweeted their warning on Tuesday, promising to out at least 1,000 members.

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Hackers have gone ham and it now includes private information about First Lady Michelle Obama!  It is really a serious thing that we need to be aware of.  If it can happen to celebrities and now the First Lady of the United States… is anyone safe? You have to change your passwords often and take […]

SAN FRANCISCO-Hackers have released the names, home addresses as well as email addresses and passwords of BART officers in protest to BART’s recent shutdown of cell phone service on stations to stop protests. The attacks were conducted by the infamous hacker group Anonymous who also launched a cyber attack on BART last month, shutting down […]

This Is One For The Books...Why Would Hackers Get Into Someone's Medical Devices.