In this edition of Love Talking, Erica Campbell tells a story of a woman who decided to ask her children what they thought about her. Each child tried to avoid answering the question, and the woman quickly realized what they really thought of her. Erica says the woman spent so much time being the I-don’t-play-that […]

Article By Asia Jackson // EEW Magazine News Christian entertainers and husband and wife team, David and Tamela Mann, are thanking God for sparing their lives. According to the couple, both 49, lightning struck their Texas home early Monday morning, damaging their roof. “Imagine an explosion waking you up,” the stars of Bounce TV’s hit […]

Earlier Friday, Senate Republicans joined with the Democratic majority to pass a bill that will keep the government running past the Monday deadline, despite the…

There are times when divorce forces people to do strange things. Burn sheets. Throw out clothes. Toss rings into the ocean. But when you get $100 million in your divorce, you can trump just about anything and that’s what happened with Tiger Woods’ ex-wife when she bought a $12 million home and bulldozed the whole […]

The tax bill that extends the Bush tax cuts and slashes the estate tax while extending unemployment benefits has passed the House House by a vote of 277-148 and is heading for the President to sign, according to The Huffington Post RELATED STORIES Attacks From Right Take Toll On Obama’s Tax Plan CBC ‘Overwhelmingly Opposed’ […]

Audio Included in Post. Audio©2010 WTLC/Radio One. Just hours after the historic Senate vote to confirm Indiana’s first African-American Federal Judge, both Senator Evan Bayh and Congressman Andre Carson talked about the history making event on Afternoons with Amos.  Both lawmakers also discussed what President Barack Obama should do in the BP Oil Spill Crisis; […]