Indiana education

Nearly a decade ago, a series of editorials in the Indianapolis Star declared that Indianapolis had one of the worst graduation rates of any major American city. Now, in 2013 those days are over with; especially for African-American students. Data released by the Indiana Department of Education shows continued gains for African-Americans graduating from high […]

After an investigation by a noted education and testing consultant, the Indiana Department of Education has announced that the problems with the on line phase of this year’s ISTEP tests didn’t negatively impact student’s test scores. A couple of months ago, in response to widespread problems associated with CTB McGraw-Hill’s administration of the high-stakes ISTEP […]

Nine of the ten individuals running for the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners and four of the five running for the Wayne Township School Board appeared live on Afternoons with Amos to discuss the issues in their respective school districts.  This month, WTLC-AM and Afternoons with Amos have been interviewing live candidates in six of […]

Afternoons with Amos is the only Indianapolis media – print, radio or TV – to conduct in depth interviews with all the candidates running for School Board in the Indianapolis/Marion County districts with the largest enrollments of African-American students. Hear the views on candidates on education issues in the Washington Township, Lawrence Township, Warren Township, […]

African-American students improved in English/Language Arts and Math in the 2010 ISTEP tests according to data released this week. Statewide, 54.2% of Black students passed ISTEP English/Language Arts and 53.3% passed ISTEP math.  Up from 47.6% and 47.0% respectively in last year’s ISTEP tests.  There was improvement and increases in the percentage of Black students […]