The Afternoons With Amos PODCAST For Wednesday, October 21, 2015. (Intense Discussion and Angry Reaction To IPS Proposing Moving A 94% Minority School To Accommodate A Majority-White School At 1:07:00 Mark On PODCAST Media Player. Reaction of Former IPS Board Member Annie Roof At 1:27:00 Mark). Again, the insensitivity of top Administrators of the Indianapolis Public Schools along with […]

In reporting on and attending Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) Board Meetings for over thirty-five years, this past Sunday was the weirdest, most unusual IPS Board meeting ever! It started when on March 18th, the IPS School Board announced that they would “Meet in a Special Called Meeting on Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 1:00 – […]

IPS just announced that they will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, January 27, 2014 because of dangerously cold temps. Also closed tomorrow… Warren township, Washington township, Wayne township, Pike township, and Franklin township. Click here for WTHR’s list of all school closures…

Nine of the ten individuals running for the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners and four of the five running for the Wayne Township School Board appeared live on Afternoons with Amos to discuss the issues in their respective school districts.  This month, WTLC-AM and Afternoons with Amos have been interviewing live candidates in six of […]

Audio Included in Post. Runs 46 Minutes ©2011 WTLC/Radio One. Indianapolis Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Eugene White appeared on Afternoons with Amos with IPS’ reaction to looming state intervention for five IPS high schools and one IPS middle school. Dr. White blasted state education officials for not providing IPS a chance to see and review […]