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These celebrities totally kicked 2016's ass.

The video of Terence Crutcher‘s death at the hands of Tulsa, Oklahoma police officers has shocked and outraged countless of people across America. Most recently, Colin Kaepernick‘s decision to protest the National Anthem during NFL has seemingly inspired athletes and other celebrities to use their voices and large followings to speak up against the horrifying epidemic of police […]

When the disappointing and outrageous news broke today that all of the officers tried in the Freddie Gray murder case had been acquitted, most people were shocked, saddened and disheartened by another injustice of a black man being murdered with no one held accountable. However it wasn’t just regular citizens who were highly upset, as […]

Creator of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Shonda Rhimes, has responded to a petition calling for the removal Jesse Williams from the show.  The petition was started after Williams gave a powerful speech after accepting his BET Humanitarian Award. With no help from Stacey Dash, some were quick follow suit and call Williams’ speech an “attack on white […]

Stacey Dash is back at it again, saying things that just makes everyone scratch their heads.  Dash was so unimpressed with Jesse Williams’ powerful BET speech on racism and inequality, that she posted a blog about it titled, “Racist speech at BET Awards attacked white people.” In the blog post Dash wrote, “I’ve said it before […]

Jesse Williams is no stranger to being "woke." Check out nine other times he spoke perfectly about race in America.

Get into a good groove with a few great shows airing over the holiday weekend.

While some will be watching the live broadcast of the 88th Academy Awards this coming Sunday, a bevy of Black entertainers and celebrities will make their way to Flint, Mich. Director Ava DeVernay, actor Jesse Williams, comedian Hannibal Buress and several other big names will be joined together in solidarity for the #JUSTICEFORFLINT event on […]

Jesse Williams has become one of our favorite voices when it comes to race relations. During tense times like these when celebrities are mostly quiet, the Grey’s Anatomy star is never too shy to speak out, especially on Twitter. Here are nine Jesse Williams quotes that prove he can speak up and out for us… at any time.