Happy New Year Everyone!!!! Lukewarm into 2014 and already the most unusual stories are underway for this year I was looking around on Facebook and low and behold I discover a video of… Just Watch WARNING: UNHOLY LANGUAGE WATCH HERE

(BlackMediaScoop) A Georgia pastor and father of two who once confessed that sometimes “I don’t feel like God is hearing me” killed himself outside his home while his wife, kids and 800 member congregation waited for him to show up for church on Sunday. Full story

Air Jordan sneakers are the most coveted athletic shoes in the world. The demand is so high that a 37-year-old police officer decided to risk his career over a pair of them. According to Dallas News, Sgt. Antoine Williams stole a pair of Air Jordan sneakers from a suspect during a drug raid. On Oct. […]

DEACON DREW DISCLAIMER: I CAN NOT MAKE THIS UP! Stepping into the secular world, Hip Hop Star Kanye West is currently on tour called “Yeezus” During a performance in Seattle, he brought out Our Lord and Savior on stage (Mind you this is an actor portraying) All I want you to do is watch the […]

Two elderly women were arrested and charged with assault after beating up a woman who asked for a little privacy at the checkout counter, according to police reports in south Carolina. Source

(BlackMediaScoop) For the first time, we’re hearing recorded conversations with a New York man accused of murdering his own son for the insurance money. The recordings will be used in Karl Karlsen’s trial. Cindy Karlsen secretly taped conversations with her husband Karl about his son Levi’s death. The conversations were played Monday night on ABC’s […]

33-year-old Lashonda Matlock a blogger for Chicago Now wrote an open letter to her father Bill Adkins, a Memphis Pastor, that contained the words “Go to hell.” The letter was posted on Chicago now and was addressed to Adkins who is the residing Pastor of Greater Imani Church in Memphis. “Yes, I’ve read the letter and I’m sad to have […]

(Source: BlackMediaScoop) A bishop filed a lawsuit today in Atlanta against another bishop in the same denomination in a case alleging rape and lies. Bishop Larry Shaw and his attorney said the case began 12 years ago when a woman wrote a letter accusing Shaw of rape and other vile crimes. When asked if anything […]

If you’ve been saying any of these Bible verses below…you probably need to stop. The Top 10 Bible verses that aint even in the …. Bible! Source: BlackMediaScoop 1. “When praises go up blessings come down” The phrase, which is the title of a few popular worship songs, may sound like a line from the […]

A billionaire is offering $65 million if someone will marry his daughter. Well … okay. So what’s the catch? You have to be able to take the daughter from her lesbian wife, transform her into a heterosexual and then marry her. Shouldn’t be too hard. Right? READ MORE HERE   

From our sister site, BlackAmericaWeb.com A Southern California churchman who claimed to have “healing hands” was charged with sexually assaulting women parishioners, authorities said. Jorge Juan Castro, 54, of Norwalk was arrested last week and charged with rape, oral copulation and penetration by a foreign object, according to a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department statement […]

Marianne Theresa Johnson-Reddick, born January 4, 1935, died last month, to the relief and comfort of the children whom she spent a lifetime (in their words) “torturing in every way possible.” Read more here