From time to time all of us exhibit destructive and negative behavior in marriage. Jimmy Evans offers advice for overcoming any destructive tendencies that may be present in your relationship.  

Women are critical and precious to God, men and society. The name given to describe the role of women is the same name given to the Holy Spirit, “helper.” Men and women should complete each other.

Other great clip to help your marriage from Jimmy Evans… Every word we say has an attitude attached with it. Even if the words you are say are encouraging, when your tone is wrong your message will not be received the way you intended. The Indestructible Marriage series order page:…

Here is another great video from Jimmy Evans… When most people feel out of love they begin to give up on the marriage. Even if you feel like the love is nearly gone, you can get it back by applying these basic principles to your relationship. Our Secret Paradise series order page:

So last week we talked about what every man need, well this week we are focused on the ladies. I am using lessons from Jimmy Evans. He has been teaching on marriage for years and gives great advice. When a wife knows that her husband will meet her needs, she will feel confident and secure. […]