Kingdom Takeover

Wendy Williams always asks the hard questions!  She didn’t hold back for the Preachers of L.A.~  She asks Deitrick Haddon was he still married to Damita when he met his new wife!!! She loves the show and discusses the pros and cons of reality tv for the men of God! Source: Gospel Break click here […]

This is the time of the year where it is better to give than receive!  I am so excited to share with you the great work that Eastern Star is doing to give back this week. 3-day outreach event that will take place this weekend “Christmas Under-A-Star” – December 6-8, 2013, presented by Eastern Star […]

You never know who will stop by the Kingdom Takeover in the afternoons and today  I was pleasantly surprised.  We talked about alot… but you know he had to share some nuggets with our audience about Marriage. It takes Faith to make a marriage work….. Listen for more For more spiritual nuggets listen here  

If you need to add music to your collection… G.E. tells us what to look for… NEW MUSIC RELEASES

Adrian Warren a.k.a. G.E. our Gospel Encyclopedia gave us the run down of some of the Stellar Award events for this weekend! If you are headed to Nashville click STELLAR AWARDS EVENT to find out where to go!  

June Rochelle is back with a song that was one of Indy’s favorite from the GMWA Women of Worship!  Listen to this remake of “Order My Steps” and let us know what you think? Order My Steps by June Rochelle Produced by Dorian Lord

Hair Talk with P-Nut always has receives a lot of questions on how to maintain hair daily.  Here are a few tips from one of the articles P-Nut provided for us to keep our hair healthy! click here to read more  

G.E. Our Gospel Encyclopedia is known for giving us free music to download on New Music Tuesday.  If you love Quartet Music….click here to download now Follow Me on Twitter and on Facebook

G.E. said this mix tape is the buzzzzzz in the industry!  Check out Keyondra Lockett from the group Ziel… now on her own! Download the free mixtape here Let us know what you think!  

Adrian Warren a.k.a. G.E. our Gospel Encyclopedia loves this song and believes you will too. Listen now and let us know what you think!

We remember Whitney Houston! Today is the legendary Whitney Houston’s birthday. The iconic singer would have been 49 years old today. Whitney was on her way to coming back at the time of her untimely and tragic death. She was involved in the remake of the Motown-inspired movie Sparkle, and fans will get a chance […]