Wow ladies…. this article from Ebony really makes you say hmmmmm…. So many women want to be married but struggle with whether or not to take the man’s last name. Is this for real? Yes it is….  click here to read what these women had to say about it Do you think a woman should […]

In light of the new extra marital affair scandals with General Patreus it is time to see why powerful men cheat?  According to this article with Headline News, Here are some reasons why powerful men cheat.  There are 2 number one reasons: 1. Opportunity 2. Marital problems to read more click here

Is it true, that when men are looking for a spouse, they look for qualities their mother’s possess? Why and what are they? Callers from different…

Worship is not a feminine display, and Stephen Hurd is encouraging men to take on a bigger role in the church in his latest album…

Men have to learn what love is before we can feel it or provide it. Too many fathers never learned what love was so they couldn’t teach their sons about love. Since fathers are not teaching sons about love, then love has to be taught from the Source. The Source of love is God. I […]

“Courageous” calls men to step up with courage. It recognizes that there are great men in our community. The last few years movies with solid moral messages have been showing up in movie theaters across the nation. They have been opening to great numbers. This is proof that there is a hunger for telling an […]

While browsing YouTube the other day, I noticed an interesting ad, placed below a video entitled, “Single black women find the search for love is especially difficult.” The ad pictured a Black woman with a shirtless White man next to the text, “AfroRomance — Where love is more than skin deep.” I didn’t want to […]

Chris Brown has been the current topic amongst co-workers, friends, family and anyone who has an opinion regarding his recent outbreak on Good Morning America.  I’ve wondered what Man has the balls to pull this young man aside and have a heart to heart? Would Chris even respect and receive the words coming out of […]

Healthy eating is an important aspect of any eczema treatment.  It is known that certain common foods can trigger a flare-up of eczema. Examples are peanuts, nuts, eggs, milk, soy and wheat.  In fact, almost any food can trigger a reaction, which is why it is important to identify the culprits. <<Hear my story here>>

*Most women do about 11 things at the same time (including talking on the phone)–especially if they’re married with children! We get good at responsibility-juggling because we have to: There’s a job to manage, diapers to change, a house to clean, books to read, friends to reach out to, not to mention a husband to […]

My son just turned seven and he is still eczema free, we got rid of his eczema 7 years ago and we are so happy, but so many people suffer and I love it when I am able to help one more person get this horrible skin condition under control.  You can hear my story […]

A federal judge sentenced four men Friday for their roles in an online international child pornography ring that prosecutors say had more than 1,000 members trading millions of sexually explicit images. The four men had pleaded guilty to child pornography-related crimes, U.S. Attorney Tim Morrison’s office said in a statement. Michael Baratta, 49, Sacramento, Calif.; […]