It is a mother’s nightmare to loose a child or children to violence!  Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, tweeted in her darkest hour she felt alone and that she needed the Lord!  She also thanked all of the supporters.  Some mothers across the country have said Sybrina you are not alone! MomsRising and Moms Demand […]

  Hardworking moms, Tina and Erica Campbell of WE tv’s Mary Mary, are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day by bringing moms and daughters together. In…

One Million Moms is angry and they want them to stop the ad right now! J.C. Penney has released a Father’s Day advertisement that features a same-sex couple consisting of two fathers playing with two children, which has outraged the American Family Association’s One Million Moms. In the advertisement that appears in J.C Penney’s June […]

The problem of obesity in children has been highlighted for many years. How can a mom help her child lose weight in a healthy way without making her child feel bad? Here is a blog from a Circle of moms blog by Karen. As someone who has struggled with my weight since I hit puberty […]

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Well first of all, work at home moms can be whoever they want to be and there millions of business concepts out there to choose from. These home businesses help moms earn extra money. In these hard times and it would be a lot of comfort for moms to have a little bit of financial […]

In this tough economic climate, more and more moms are trying to find avenues to supplement their income. But even in these tough times the opportunity to earn extra income from home is alive and well. As a work at home mom you have the capability of creating your own stimulus package without depending on […]

Due to the bad economy, people nowadays suddenly find it difficult to keep up with their daily expenses. People may work on a regular job but their income may not be enough to pay the bills and sustain the family’s needs. This is a major concern especially for moms who want to do their best […]