Tony Dungy, who endeared himself to Indianapolis not only by leading the Indianapolis Colts to two Super Bowls, but in demonstrating his Faith and Devotion to his God in everything he does, returned to Indianapolis to help relaunch an effort to help low income families with children not fall behind in education.  Coach Dungy, in […]

I absolutely love Matt Lauer but after reading this I am more than disappointed if this is true… Apparently The Today show is getting much lower ratings than Good Morning America…but the staff of the today show could be getting pink slips before the holiday season!!! If you made 30 million a year, would you […]

 David Letterman is  known for raking his guests and potential guests across the coals to get a rise out of them and a laugh out of his audience.  But, this time it seems that someone is dissin’ him and ignoring Letterman’s attempts to get him on the show. According to Letterman, Mitt Romney has been […]

Did Conan Or NBC Get The Bad End Of This Deal?