In Love Talking, Erica Campbell explains why it's important to you don't love what you do.

It seems as if nearly everyone is yelling, protesting and angry about something! Why is the world so upset and agitated? With all of the mean tweets, political polarization, religious dogma and brash behavior we see on the daily, you can almost feel the tension in every room among strangers. But is this what God […]

Brandice Henderson-Daniel, Founder & CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row, Inc. and The Cliff Jump Series Determining your life’s passions, as it pertains to work and…

The secret to success is probably not what you think it is. You’ve probably heard the old saying that hard work pays off. Well, it definitely can in many cases. But, there are many people that are successful and have high paying jobs, but they are so unhappy. A part of success means following your […]

Passion   The popular worship series Passion will be releasing a greatest hits called The Essential Collectionon November 11. The album will feature 15 songs,…

Not until I became a full time, 6:00 am waking, crowded subway riding, afternoon lunch taking, tax – paying employee did I realize just how…

Daily Bread

I had a chance to see the movie “Think Like A Man” this weekend.  As a result, I wanted to motivate Christian Women with this article from Dr. Phil. “Putting Passion Back Into Your Relationship” Sometimes we can be so spiritual that we don’t put the practical needs of our spouses in perspective.  This is […]

An affirmation is a great way to start training your mind toward a positive way of thinking. Coupled with other positive thinking exercises, a positive affirmation will help you overcome any obstacle that is put in front of you. The object of these positive thinking exercises is to ensure that you train the most powerful […]

Embrace Your Talents Recognize and further develop your intelligence and special gifts. Our talents are signifiers that lead us toward our unique paths. Follow your passion and you will soon discover where you fit in this world. When we squelch innate yearnings we lose our way. If you are like me, there are some things […]

Now that you have your three big dreams figured out it’s time to Get SMART. How are you going to get there? Does the magic lantern deliver the genie who in turn simply grants the wish? I’m not saying it’s not possible. Anything is possible. However, you will more than likely want to GET SMART. […]