A grieving Brooklyn preacher set aside his broken heart Wednesday and – with a simple handshake and a few touching words – forgave the disgraced cop who killed his daughter.

According to Pastors affiliated with the United Methodist Church could find themselves in the unemployment line. According to The, the long-standing practice of guaranteed jobs for pastors could come to an end. Methodist bishops and two denominational committees want to end job security for ministers, known as guaranteed appointment. And shrinking membership and […]

According to anĀ  article on A rash of suicides and suicide attempts has some Baptists in the Carolinas doing some soul searching. Hickory Pastor David Treadway, 42, is the latest clergyman to kill himself in his parked car leaving his family and members of his church family at Sandy Ridge Baptist to ask why. […]

According to Marvin Sapp is set to record the follow-up to his runaway hit Thirsty, and fans around the world are invited to the concert as it is streamed live over the web at Those viewing the stream also will be the first to see one-on-one interviews with Sapp, Aaron Lindsey and others […]