Student loan debt is at an all time high — and it’s hitting African-American¬†students the hardest. According to a study by the Brookings Institution, there are racial debt disparities in low-to-moderate income students.¬†Black students leave college with an average debt of $27,000, while White students incur an average of $20,000. Student load debt facts: Black […]

Increasingly the amount of debt America’s college students amass would exceed that of many developing nations. Americans currently owe $1.2 trillion dollars in student debt with each student borrower owing an average of $29,000. Student loan debt has become more than a burden. It’s become a barrier to the American dream. The National Education Association […]

March 10 is the deadline for filling out and completing the FASFA, the Federal Application for Student Financial Aid.¬† The form that students and their parents or guardians must fill out to be eligible to receive financial aid, and loans, including state government and Federal government provided student aid and assistance to attend college or […]